Grantee Spotlight: LEAP



For the past ten years LEAP has provided transformational education, entrepreneurial training and mentorship to women during and after prison. We serve as a model, voice and advocate for the power of rehabilitation over retribution. LEAP’s evidence-based reentry program includes 300+ hours of classes at the Homestead Correctional Institute over 8 months in entrepreneurship, employability skills and trauma-informed substance abuse groups. . The entrepreneurship classes help alleviate the difficulty women with felony records have in securing employment, while the other programming addresses the root cause of behaviors that led to incarceration.

LEAP also provides transitional housing at the LEAP House for up to 6 graduates at a time. Last year we opened the Dragonfly Thrift Boutique, which provides a paid retail internship for up to 10 graduates/year, and allows them to save money while also addressing mental health and substance abuse issues (over 80% of women in prison have histories of childhood sexual trauma, domestic violence and substance abuse which must be addressed for long-term success.) Thanks to LEAP’s holistic approach to re-entry, less than 5% of its graduates return to prison, compared to the national recidivism rate of over 50%.

Click here to watch a video about LEAP.